Secretary of Vice President
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Wang Ning, Assistant to the President, Director of the Office of Academic Affairs and Deputy Secretary-General of Xiamen city Association of Automation, received his master’s in engineering from Xiamen University. Wang focuses his profession and research on management systems and mathematical model analysis and is responsible for the teaching of computer-related courses at Huaxia College. He has worked as a Borland senior programmer and member of the computer operation staff. He has made a number of outstanding achievements throughout the course of his profession, including the publication of a number of academic articles and the institution of software 4 applications.

Teaching and research: Mainly engaged in research in the field of education information management system, and its mathematical model analysis. Over the years has been responsible for the computer Courses Teaching and Research, developed and put into use application software 4, the production of courseware publishing a CD-ROM, published many articles. He also serve Borland senior programmer, computer operator evaluation staff.