Magical Baking delights our life

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Aimed at enriching students’ part-time life and guiding them to read with the combination of culture and living and also borrowing Jordan 12 Black And Red some related books, on May 26th, our library held the 10th knowledge lecture《Using the Magical Baking to delight our life-Basic Baking is What I Know》 in multi-media discussion room 303. The speaker was Mrs Qian.
Mrs Qian began with colorful pictures and unique works of baking, introduced the culture of baking, historical status and its nutrition values. Next, from a scientific point of view, Mrs Qian analyzed the raw materials you need for baked food, through selecting and matching the four major categories, which are sugar, oil, liquid, and powder. At meantime, “healthy staple” was proposed. Finally, Mrs Qian also recommended baking books to readers, to guide readers to borrow. The lecture attracted many readers from different departments to participate, many of them are Food Science major students.
In the current food safety issues, pure hand-made food have become the First-Choice among most of the family, and lead to a new social custom. This lecture combined the teaching and research work, and from a cultural point of view, a service innovation was carried out.