Huaxia 2016 Training Camp for Application-oriented Technology Alpha Teachers Officially Starts

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On June 25th, one year after upgrading into undergraduate university, in order to further the development of application-oriented school-running and to accelerate overall teaching and administering, Huaxia 2016 training camp for application-oriented technology university alpha teachers officially started, which was jointly organized and conducted by Tsiu Ping & Huaxia. Invited by President Xiaoru Wang, Ruiguo Zhong, the president of Taiwan Tsiu Ping University of Science&Technology, Zhiming Xie, deputy director of Research&Development Office, Maorong Huang, director of education marketing, Tinghao Xie, dean of HR Management&Development Department, Dr.Huifen, Yang, coach&consultant for talent development&company running, conducted their professional training here at this camp. Inversion & Creativity were the two major themes, there’re altogether over 50 teachers&administrators participated in this event.
The 2016 training camp is carried out by two stages, four days in total(June 25th, 26th and July 2nd, 3rd) Before its official commencement, Minwei Chan, vice president extended the warmest welcome to Tsiu Ping’s presence, proclaiming to draw advanced expertise of vocational education from Taiwan for the betterment of Huaxia’s teachers and faculty.
The training camp began with President Zhong’s lecture on Theory&Strategy of Running Application-oriented Technologies University, elaborating on a series of topics such as education objectives, school running concepts, institution orientation, strategies&features of institutional development, mechanism&achievements of teaching drive.
Dr.Yang delivered two lectures respectively on Service Learning and Program on Activating College Graduate Employment Competence. The definition of service learning, the situation of Taiwan College service learning and the design&development of Taiwan employment courses were all well-presented.
Director Huang respectively lectured on development&counseling of career in application-oriented university and the trend of regeneration policy on universities of science&technology in Taiwan. From the micro perspective, the lectures allowed trainees to learn about the career counseling from Taiwan application-oriented universities. From the macro perspective, the lectures opened a window to vocational education status quo and tendency.
The concepts of holistic education and student-centered ran throughout all lectures with the detailed introduction of how Taiwan colleges integrate professional education into community for service purpose, and how relevant curriculum can be designed and implemented. Three instructors manipulated case study, group activities, case discussion and so forth along with their personal style of humor, fullness and vigor, brought our trainees an enjoyable cultural feast.
Training program next week is about the implementation of Excellence Plan at Taiwan University of Science&Technology, the input of Learning Navigation System, the improvement of student performance and efficiency.