Huaxia Vocational College knows that to many of its students, college is like a second-home. This concept is made evident through our array of student services both on and off campus. Our vicinity to other higher-education institutions provides our students a rich social life. On warm evenings, students can play a game of basketball on the courts located just beyond the dormitories shared by Huaxia and neighboring institutions. After the games, they may grab a bite from the cafeteria or street vendors before closing their books for the night.

Local vendors line the streets adjacent to the dormitories, providing a convenient place for students to purchase groceries and daily supplies. Larger grocery stores and shopping malls, however, are only a bus-ride away. On the weekend, students take one of the many bus routes to trapse along Zhongshang Lu, Xiamen’s Fifth Avenue, or the nearby port and Gulangyu Island.