Scientist and Huaxia proponent, Frank Lee, introduced the green campus program to our college in 2010. The program has made great strides since its conception as we are continuously strategizing innovative ways to minimize our carbon footprint and broaden our sustainable infrastructure. From developing alternatives to chemical-laden detergents, to finding new ways to utilize composted materials, Huaxia’s green campus initiative goes beyond simply teaching sustainable concepts. Green campus is an immersive program that encourages students and


faculty to live sustainably by developing solutions to unsustainable practices.  This program touches all aspects of our campus community – we encourage an ecological approach to our day-to-day activities both in and out of the classroom. Whether that’s recycling reusable materials or cooking organic produce in our campus cafeteria, we’ve implemented a multitude of ecological practices that are gaining a foothold in our community.

Green Campus Initiatives



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Green Global Initiatives
Sustainable technology
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Green Campus


Tree planting
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Green Christmas
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