Huaxia’s financial aid programs are dedicated to providing hopeful, talented students with the opportunity to pursue their career-oriented aspirations. Every year, Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College allocates ¥4 million – 17 scholarships and 21 fellowships – in order to assist students with financial difficulties. In addition to bestowing scholarships, Huaxia College dispenses 20 honors and awards to nearly 1500 deserving students per year – in doing so, Huaxia College seeks to incite its students’ enthusiasm to learn, grow and stimulate their forthcoming achievements.

No Aid Name/Type Amount & Index
1 National Scholarship ¥8000 per student | issued by educational department
2 National Scholarship for Encouragement ¥5000 per student | issued by educational department
3 Chang Xun Scholarship ¥2000 per student | total 5 students
4 Cai Wanghuai Scholarship ¥2000 Yuan per student | total 5 students
5 Cai Wanghuai Progressive Scholarship ¥2000 Yuan per student | total 5 outstanding first-year students
6 Hong Tao Scholarship First Place Scholarship: ¥1000| 2 students
Second Place Scholarship: ¥800 |  5 students
Third Place Scholarship: ¥500 |  10 students
7 Hong Tao Fellowship ¥1500 per student | total 10 students
8 Zheng Xuemeng Fellowship ¥800 per student | total 10 students.
9 Red Cross JCDecaux Advertising Fellowship ¥500 per student | 2 students per semester
10 Temporal Living Fellowship Based on living difficulties
First-level fellowship: ¥3000
Second-level fellowship: ¥2000
Third-level fellowship: ¥1000
11 Transportation Fellowship for First-Years ¥1000 transportation subsidy per freshman from western provinces
12 Career Fellowship ¥300 subsidy per graduate
13 Career Training Fellowship 50% subsidies of career training fare for the impoverished graduates by assessment and employment
14 Hometown Scholarship For graduates traveling between home and school
15 Military Service Fellowship Tuition compensation for the students serving in the military
16 Green Lane for First Years Tuition deferment for first-year students
17 Green Lane Fellowship ¥300 per student
¥48000 budget per year
18 Stabilization Fund ¥600000 allocated toward funding student food and grocery bills
19 Work-Study Fellowship ¥1 million per year allocated toward students who are a part of the work-study program
20 Exhibition Enterprise Fellowship Set up by the actual cooperative needs every year in Exhibition Hotel Order Class of Business and Trade Department
21 Tuition Fellowship for Secondary Vocational students Subsidizes 10% of student tuition