Last year, I expressed to our students the dreams I have for our school–one day, Xiamen Huaxia Vocational College will be a leader among educational institutions and write its own page in the history of vocational education. One day, our students will benefit society with their unique ecological and sustainable mentalities, and one day, when they look back on their time at XHVC, they will be filled with pride.

I believe that I share this dream with all who are a part of this college and that we are now parading toward this dream together. I believe that, at this moment, all is working in our favor, supporting our aspiration.

For example, this year the City of Xiamen worked alongside the Fujian government, a strong proponent of vocational education, to endorse and solidify a significant educational reform. What’s more, the previous school board worked hard to make the necessary changes so as to improve upon our school and provide students an incomparable learning environment.

The most important piece that is working in our

school’s favor is the fact that everyone at XHVC strives to concept our school’s dream. Since taking our first steps as an institution we have harvested so much. Our school instituted international programs with colleges in the U.S., Taiwan and Hong Kong. We also implemented a 4-year degree program for a number of majors at XHVC, and we also offer postgraduate classes through programs we’ve developed with other universities.

Moreover, our school strongly promotes the green-campus efforts made by its students and faculty. So many creative ideas and so much effort has gone into this campus, and its sustainable efforts make this campus fresh and unique.

We also have a very dynamic campus life in comparison to other colleges. We are able to provide our students an environment that prepares them for the lives they are about to embark upon. We are the first school, nationwide, to give our students the three-year bachelor’s degree, which not only encourages our students, but also reflects well on the global society.

All this effort has paved the way toward the


Dr. Xiaoru Wang


attainment of our dreams and we are confident that we won’t disappoint.

Let us be more dynamic this year, write our own page in the history of vocational institutions and utilize our green-campus efforts to benefit society. Most importantly, let us have pride in ourselves for being a part of this great school.